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New Year, New Diagnosis – Add a Side of Juvenile Diabetes?

I always look forward to the New Year – and birthdays, to me they represent the chance at a clean slate and new possibilities. For the last couple of weeks my older daughter S, who is always healthy, had been … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Ski Season

Our family is so excited for ski season this year! We had the opportunity to try several adaptive winter sports with my special needs daughter last year, and it opened up a whole new world of options for our family. … Continue reading

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Happy Father’s Day

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What Makes You Fear Less?

Earlier this week I was asked to write an article for about being fearless – or fear less. I wrote from a travel perspective, but have been thinking about the most intense fear I have ever experience, which was … Continue reading

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What Does a Mom Do on a Vacation Alone? Find adventure!

Recently I had an opportunity to take the Disney Fantasy Preview Cruise with, and since I was flying from one corner of the country to the other I thought I’d make the most of my stay and go a … Continue reading

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What’s your passion?

  This weekend I was shopping for cold weather gear for V’s big adaptive-skiing (aka snowboarding) trip to Park City next month, and it really started to hit me how much this opportunity has already meant to our family.  Snowboarding … Continue reading

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Favorite Gifts from Christmases Past

I’ve been working on V’s Christmas list, I know everyone’s going to be asking for it on Thanksgiving, but it’s always so tough.  She has specific physical limitations and can’t tell me what she wants, so it becomes an educated … Continue reading

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Thanks to the parents that have blazed the trail before us

While I was waiting at the pharmacy today, a young man came in who obviously had developmental disabilities.  He was talking loudly to himself, then started talking to some of the people waiting for their prescriptions to be filled.  I … Continue reading

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What are you going to be for Halloween?

That’s the question I started asking Veronica a couple of weeks ago. My daughter is non-verbal, but she understands what’s going on – and she loves a party, so I know she’s been thinking about Halloween. I don’t have an … Continue reading

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A song for Veronica

I just got a phone call from the principal of my older daughter’s school.  He and his brother have been so inspired by the light that is Veronica that they wrote a song for her and posted it on YouTube.  … Continue reading

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