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Traveling with a special needs child is definitely an adventure, but for many parents the thought of flying with a special needs child is daunting and keeps them closer to home. I was one of those parents. I was afraid of the boarding process and, once onboard, how would my daughter handle the flight? I had visions of her upset and angry passengers all around us – a stressful way to start a vacation for sure! Then once we arrived at our destination, would the hassle and expense even be worth it? “YES!” I’ve learned some tips to help set you up for success, prepare for your child’s needs, then go for it! The first time might be a little bumpy as you figure out how things work for your special needs child, but it gets easier every time. Our first trip my daughter was pretty overwhelmed by everything, and I spent much of the flight keeping her happy. Now she’s a pro and giggles when she hears the jet start up, knowing that we are on our way somewhere fun.

9 Tips for Flying with Your Special Needs Child

We just got back from Disney World in Orlando – I don’t think there’s a destination in the US that could be much farther from our home in the Seattle area. While we’ve flown many times, our longest flight to … Continue reading

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Flying Solo with My Special Needs Child Part 2

I recently wrote about my first experience with airline special services for my handicapped child when I flew alone with my special needs child to Park City. With the extra assistance from getting through TSA to boarding the plane, and … Continue reading

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8 Tips for Flying with a Special Needs Kid

It’s that time of year, time to plan for your summer family vacation. But if you have a special needs kid, it takes more effort to get through TSA an on your flight with extra equipment, medications and considerations. Here’s … Continue reading

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Surviving TSA Without Breaking a Sweat

Getting through TSA with my family is a comedy worthy of a Sundance short film. I have a daughter with special needs meaning extra equipment and medications. Last family vacation I had an aggressive travel plan which included each family … Continue reading

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Booking a Wheelchair-Friendly Flight

I just booked our tickets to Southern California – Disneyland, here we come! I’ve flown many times with Veronica, it’s much like flying with any other kid. No matter what airline, when they call for those needing extra time to … Continue reading

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