Sun Mountain Lodge in Winthrop, Washington

Located on the eastern side of the North Cascades Highway, high above Winthrop, Washington sits Sun Mountain Lodge, a special resort that easily balances luxury, nature and family activities – all with a 360 degree breath-taking view.

Welcome to the Sun Mountain Lodge - Lobby area.
Only a few of the rooms at Sun Mountain Lodge have televisions, this is a common-area media room. I saw kids here off and on throughut our stay. The pool and outside activities were definitely more popular and left little time for tv.
The library is a cozy place to read, or borrow a book and sit out by the pool and lose yourself in a good read.
One of two pools at Sun Mountain Lodge - the views from the pool and hot tub are incredible!
We saw wild life everytime we went outside - Lots of deer, grouse, chipmunks and all kinds of birds. There were two trails that we were able to take V on with her ATV push chair. None of the trails are paved.
Sun Mountain Lodge has 96 mountaintop guest rooms with a spectacular view, including several ADA rooms. A few rooms have TVs, some have mini-fridges, decks, jacuzzis, etc. Determine the features that your family needs to ensure a great stay and call Sun Mountain Lodge to have them suggest the best room for your needs. If your family is like mine, we often spend more time in our room because my daughter gets overwhelmed with everything going on, so the room is important. However, Sun Mountain Lodge is so quiet and peaceful, she enjoyed being out and about, we spent very little time in our room this visit.
There are 2 award-winning restaurants in the lodge, and a wine cellar.

The Sun Mountain Lodge also has a full-service salon and spa, well-stocked gift shop, and Activitiy Shop to arrange adventures and get you fully outfitted for whatever you and your family would like to pursue. A couple of miles down the hill from the Lodge is Lake Patterson, where you can rent a cabin and/or enjoy lake activities like fishing, boating and swimming. Don’t miss our favorites: Horseback riding, and the Cowboy Dinner or Breakfast.

Disclaimer: Sun Mountain Lodge provided my family with a 2-night stay, Cowboy Dinner and spa treatment for our review. The opinions and experiences are my own.

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