Twilight Movie Prom Scene Location at the View Point Inn

Twilight movie prom scene filming location - View Point Inn
Sign from the road – View Point Inn

Twilight movie prom scene location

Back on the road, we were headed to the View Point Inn, the scene of Bella and Edward’s prom. Unfortunately the View Point Inn had a fire last year, but the stunning views of the Columbia Gorge remain. I spoke to Geoff Thompson, owner of the Inn, who told me that they would finally start rebuilding this month, with plans to re-open in fall. It was so sad to see what remained, we look forward to visiting again when it’s rebuilt.

About a mile or so before you get to the View Point Inn you pass a vista point on your left, from here you can see the View Point Inn in the distance and as well as a spectacular view of the Columbia Gorge. It’s definitely worth the stop. From here we saw the Vista House at Crown Point, which just begged to be explored. So after visiting the View Point Inn we went on adventure looking for the Vista House, not a Twilight-themed stop, but worth it for the spectacular views, coffee and bathroom stop. From the View Point Inn you are only 12 miles or so from Multnomah Falls, you can see the falls behind Bella and Edward in one scene and there are more filming locations in that area. We have been to Multnomah Falls before, it’s amazing! But since we’d been there before, I didn’t include it on our itinerary this trip – we had a lot of territory to cover still!

40301 East Larch Mountain Rd.
Corbett, Oregon 97019

V and her dad on the back steps of the View point Inn
View from the back patio. You can see forever, this photo doesn’t do this location justice. It was breathtaking.

Sadly, the View Pint Inn had a fire last year. They will start rebuilding later this month with plans to open Fall 2012.
View Point Inn from a distance.
View Point Inn before the fire – Provided by the View Point Inn
Casino Monte Carlo archway from the Twilight prom sceene. It has since ben sold to Forks for their Twilight museum.


  • I just visited today and its in terrible condition. Very much worse then your pictures. It’s sad to see a perfect piece of twilight and history gone. Especially with Franklin Roosevelt and Charlie Chaplin having stayed there! Read an article it was haunted today and it sure did look like it could be all broken down and destroyed. Somebody broke down most of the back patio deck. The brick walkway with all the names is Torn apart and the Edward and Bella brick was stolen. The view was lovely I just wish we could’ve seen it restored and beautiful like before. Terribly sad, couldn’t believe it. Still breathtaking. Glad your trip was great so was ours 🙂

  • thanks for the update on all things twilight. we went on our own twilight tour just last weekend. and was sadden by the condition of the view point inn. now we will have to plan a trip to forks to see the monte-carlo sign!

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