SeaWorld San Diego Dolphin Interaction Program with Your Special Needs Kid

SeaWorld San Diego with special needs kids

Love that smile!

How fun would it be to play in the water with dolphins, learning the hand signals the trainers use to interact with them? Most kids would love the opportunity, how much more memorable would it be for your special needs kid? One of the challenges of family travel with a special needs kid is to find experiences that are accessible and fun for the whole family. SeaWorld fills that bill with fantastic shows, amusement park rides, and animal exhibits. Add SeaWorld’s Dolphin Interaction Program and the visit becomes an extraordinary experience your child will never forget.

My friend Karleigh had an opportunity to participate in SeaWorld’s Dolphin Interaction Program, and she loved it. Her mom Theresa said, “SeaWorld was very accommodating, and I have never seen Karleigh smile so big. The hardest part was getting the wet suit and booties on her. You should have seen us! It makes me laugh just thinking about it.” Karleigh’s parents were able to take her chair to the water’s edge and then Karleigh’s dad got in the water with her.  Read more

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