Book Review: “Curious Kids Nature Guide: Explore the Amazing Outdoors of the Pacific Northwest”

The summer is coming – I can’t wait!  We’re right in the middle of making our summer plans, including lots of exploring the Pacific Northwest, so I was excited for the opportunity to review “Curious Kids Nature Guide: Explore the Amazing Outdoors of the Pacific Northwest” by Fiona Cohen. A kid-friendly field guide for the flora and fauna native to this area, the guide book is filled with beautiful illustrations and descriptions of plants and animals native to this corner of the world. It’s suggested for children ages 5-9, but I enjoyed reading it as much as my daughter did. The informational descriptions are concise and easy to understand, but don’t talk down to children. It encourages adventurers to explore using all senses. We’ve been reading through it, recalling what we’ve already seen and discussing how and where we could see those that are new to us. We’ll take this field guide with us as we travel this summer.

What I love about “Curious Kids Nature Guide” :

I love how the book provides different layers to learning, which is part of it’s broad age appeal. Aside from the beautiful illustrations and descriptions, the book is separated into sections for different environments: the beach, the forest, freshwater areas, backyards and urban parks.  Whatever the destination of the day, you are provided with additional facts and suggested activities to help see the area with fresh eyes and new fun.  The final section “Nature Year-Round in the Pacific Northwest” provides some bullet points about what’s going on in each respective time of year.

A short excerpt from “Spring”:

  • Spring is the mating season for trough-skinned newts.  They migrate through the forest to ponds and lakes and lay their eggs in the water.
  • After spending the winter roaming the Pacific Coast, resident orcas return to the Salish Sea.

Here are some photos from the book:

Curious Kids Nature Guide: Explore the Amazing Outdoors of the Pacific Northwest” will inspire your children (and you!) to learn more about the wonders right outside the front door.

Disclaimer: I was provided a copy of this book for review purposes, we’ve already enjoyed a couple of adventure safaris using the field guide and highly recommend it.

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