Tips for traveling with a special needs child.

special needs travel tips

After years of traveling with my special needs child, I've made plenty of mistakes.  From them I've figured out tips and tricks that help for a smoother trip. The first time my family traveled together it was a little bumpy - my daughter was so overwhelmed that we ended up spending the whole time in our room!  But we learned from those experiences and it got easier every time. Now my special needs daughter is a traveling pro, giggling when she hears the jet start up because she knows that we are on our way somewhere fun.  Start small, but dream big. Happy travels!

Alaska Airlines’ Perspective on Serving Passengers Flying with Disabilities

Living in the Pacific Northwest, I‘m very familiar with Alaska Airlines and their reputation for good customer service. After an interview with Ray Prentice, Alaska Airlines’ Director of Customer Advocacy, I have a new appreciation for the intention behind the reputation, especially in regard to accessibility and traveling with special needs. Here are a few […]

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Flying with Special Needs : Airport Rehearsal

I’ll be honest, the first time someone mentioned “airport rehearsal” to me, as a mom with a special needs child already managing a full plate, my first thought was, “That sounds like a lot of extra work.” After all, packing up, parking, navigating through the airport, going through TSA and flying with a special needs […]

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7 Tips for Surviving TSA with a Special Needs Child

Getting through TSA with my family is a comedy worthy of a Sundance short film. I have a daughter with special needs who’s in a wheelchair, and a daughter with Type 1 diabetes with a meter, needles and insulin. Last family vacation I had an aggressive travel plan which included each family member taking their […]

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Passport Photos for Children with Special Needs

We have a couple of winter vacations planned in the Great White North; I’m excited for my daughter with special needs to ski in champagne powder snow, eat Nutella crepes and hear French spoken in conversation when we visit Quebec next month. We might share the continent and speak the same language (sort of, eh?), […]

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Flying Solo with My Special Needs Child Part 2

I recently wrote about my first experience with airline special services for my handicapped child when I flew alone with my special needs child to Park City. With the extra assistance from getting through TSA to boarding the plane, and on the destination side where we were helped all the way out to our rental […]

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Booking a Wheelchair-Friendly Flight

I just booked our tickets to Southern California – Disneyland, here we come! I’ve flown many times with Veronica, it’s much like flying with any other kid. No matter what airline, when they call for those needing extra time to board, we go ahead and take her in her push chair through the gate to […]

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