Favorite Gifts from Christmases Past

I’ve been working on V’s Christmas list, I know everyone’s going to be asking for it on Thanksgiving, but it’s always so tough.  She has specific physical limitations and can’t tell me what she wants, so it becomes an educated guessing game. I have boxes of stuff from years past that we bought in hopes that they would connect with our special needs kid, but didn’t.  I need to donate those things…next week.  It’s made me think about what she’s loved getting in years past, the gifts that brought the excitement you hope for – smiles and laughs – and weren’t just exciting for the day, she still enjoys them.  Here are some favs I thought I’d share:

V still loves this toy. She can push the button and make it start and stop and likes feeling its mouth open and close. I recently saw her opening her own mouth as she felt the goat’s mouth open.  I asked her if she was singing, she smiled.

iPod special needs favorite gift
The best money ever spent on a gift for Veronica - Her iPod!
Melissa & Doug shapes puzzle for my special needs kid
Melissa & Doug Shapes Puzzle - We put Braille stickers on the shapes, too
Latches Puzzle - Melissa & Doug special needs
She loves this Latches Puzzle frrom Melissa & Doug! She can open all of them and is working on closing them.
Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur - She likes it when he chews on her hand when she puts her hand in his mouth, sometimes he burps. His horns move and make noises, he roars, his head moves and you can ride him.

She also got “FUGGS” (our name for fake Uggs) from Costco last year.  Sheepskin like real Uggs, just no label and only $29.  She loves them and they keep her little feet warm.


OK, enough stalling, on to my Christmas list for THIS year…


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