The Best Way to See the Wishes Fireworks at Disney World

best place to watch disney world wishes fireworks
Photo courtesy Disney media.

For many people, one of the highlights of a Disney World vacation is the evening fireworks show, “Wishes” led by Tinker Bell and hosted by Jiminy Cricket. I want to love the Wishes fireworks show, I really do, but honestly I find it frustrating; finding a seat early and waiting, which my special needs daughter has limited patience for, and afterwards navigating the consuming crowds with a wheelchair and overwhelmed child takes the last of my energy, leaving me feeling a little less – magical.

There’s a better way to watch Disney Wishes fireworks – by private boat!

Not those little boats, silly – the party boat in the middle!

Last week my daughters and I went to Disney World along with one of my oldest and dearest friends Kim-Marie Evans, who writes as Kim-Marie always has the inside scoop on everything cool, and she knew just how to make the fireworks fun for all of us. She hired a private boat so that V could enjoy the fireworks show in a way that was more meaningful to her, and more enjoyable for us moms. The boat had a handicap-friendly entrance, we rolled V right on and slowly made our way around the island to first watch the Electric Water Pagent. The water was so calming; V enjoyed listening to the birds nesting in the nearby trees, and the water softly splash alongside. We pulled up in front of the Magic Kingdom and a speaker on board started playing Jiminy Cricket and the “Wishes” story. V sat on my lap and took every minute of the show, listening closely to each word of “Wishes” and lighting up with each crack of fireworks.

After the show, instead of navigating crowds, we returned to the dock at a relaxing pace and took a short cab ride back to our hotel, savoring the magic of the evening. Now that’s the way to experience Disney World Wishes fireworks.

Kim-Marie paid $300 for our private boat, a great price for a memorable night out with your family, especially if you are visiting with grandparents or another family. Call 407-W-Disney at least 48 hrs in advance and ask for Captain Kevin – he had the best inside stories and Disney facts!


  • I 100% agree!!! The private pontoon boats are THEE BEST way to see ‘Wishes’!!! (The fireworks set to the GORGEOUS music….’Wishes’ is my FAVORITE of all time!) My husband and I got married in DW. The next night after everyone else had left, I had made reservations for the ‘private cruise’ for just he and I. IT WAS PERFECT!!!! I had a small chocolate cake delivered as well as others goodies! Newly married! We felt like a million bucks! And seemings how I’m not quite the best ‘crowds’ person, not having to fight the ‘crowds’ was one of the highlights of the night! We go back to DW every year for our anniversary but have only done the cruise for the first anniversary. I’m DEFINANTLY looking forward to the cruise again! I think the 5th year anniversary would be fitting for another cruise, don’t you?!?!!!!!

  • What a beautiful and delightful story. It’s great to hear that everyone can enjoy the Disney magic and there isn’t just one way. I’m glad V had a great time, as well as you and Kim-Marie.

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