Surviving TSA Without Breaking a Sweat

Flying and traveling with a special needs kid Getting through TSA with my family is a comedy worthy of a Sundance short film. I have a daughter with special needs meaning extra equipment and medications. Last family vacation I had an aggressive travel plan which included each family member taking their own carry-on to avoid baggage fees. As soon as we got to the airport and opened the back of our SUV it was apparent that my plan had some flaws. How were we going to actually transport the entire back end of our Suburban through TSA and onto the plane? Thankfully we were on time, but with no cart in sight and the uncertainty of TSA lines, our only choice was to pick up and go. Loaded down like pack mules we made our way; my husband pushing my daughter’s wheelchair and pulling his and her carry-ons, me pulling my carry-on with the car seat teetering on top and my laptop bag and purse over my shoulder, my oldest daughter pulling her carry-on, her sister’s personal bag, and our camera bag. [Read the rest of the article on]

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2 Responses to Surviving TSA Without Breaking a Sweat

  1. Ratna says:

    Oh My God- I laughed at the image of the pack-mules and I can totally relate to this but not 100% because I cannot even begin to appreciate the extra challenges you face but seriously, I know – going through security is the easy part for us- the hard part is actually getting to where we can check our bags in- once the bags are checked and the two carseats then we have backpacks and stroller only- whew… at least ours walk not but man, it is always an ordeal so thanks for making me laugh and relate. :-) Did you guys have fun on your trip?

    • Karin says:

      I think any parent who’s traveled with kids can relate – I do really wish I had a photo, it’s so funny – in retrospect! Yep, we had a fantastic time, thanks!

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