Twilight Movie Road Trip : La Push Beach

la push beach twilight

Another surprise when doing my research for our Twilight Movie Road Trip – the La Push beach Twilight scenes were actually filmed over 200 miles away at Indian Beach just north of Cannon Beach. This actually worked out great because we love Cannon Beach. It was the perfect way to wrap up our trip.

Indian beach is located in Ecola State Park. Drive about 5 miles into the park from the entrance at the north end of Cannon Beach and you will arrive at Indian Beach.

The walk down to the beach is not wheelchair accessible. There are two trails, one is mostly stairs and a short dirt path, the other is a longer dirt path with large rocks and a final flight of stairs. V is light enough with her all-terrain push chair, so between my husband and I, we were able to get her down to the beach, where Jacob told Bella about his tribes history with the Cullen family.

V loves to go “off road”
Look at that smile, think she was having a good birthday trip?
On the beach where Bella and Jacob walked.

The path to get down to the beach is not accessible, although we were able to get down there. There is a view point from the parking lot with a great view of the beach. It’s a fun place to watch surfers!


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