Snack Recipe for a Twilight Movie Road Trip – Wolf Chow

We just went on a Twilight movie road trip to celebrate V’s 13th birthday – 13! Where did the time go? When we put together snacks for the road trip, we decided we needed something to represent both team Jacob and team Edward, so we made some “Wolf Chow” and found Martinelli’s Blood Orange juice. something to satisfy any Twi-hard. Here’s the Wolf Chow recipe:

Wolf Chow – perfect for a Twilight movie road trip!
      4 c. Rice Chex


      1/3 c. pretzel sticks


      1/2 c. mixed nuts


      1/3 c. peanut butter


      1/2 c. chocolate chips


      3 tbl butter


      1/2 tsp vanilla


    3/4 c. powdered sugar

Put the Rice Chex, pretzel sticks and nuts in a gallon-sized Ziplock bag. In a medium sized bowl combine the peanut butter, butter and chocolate chips. Microwave for about 1 minute, take out and stir until melted. Add vanilla. Pour chocolate mixture over cereal mixture, zip the top and mix together. Then add powdered sugar, zip the top and coat everything.

Voila! Wolf chow with pretzel “stakes” that any Twilight fan would love!

Use gluten free pretzels, or omit pretzels for a gluten free option.

Blood Orange juice for Team Edward Twi-hards

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