Twilight Movie Road Trip : Finding Bella’s House

Twilight Movie Road Trip : Bella’s house

Did you know that although Twilight, the first in the same-named movie saga, is set in Forks, Washington, it was actually filmed in Oregon and southwest Washington?

I have two teen daughters and we are a family of Twi-hards – but don’t tell anyone that my husband enjoys (OK, tolerates) the movies as well. To celebrate my youngest daughter V’s 13th birthday, we went on a Twilight road trip. Our mission was to search out filming locations for Twilight, the first movie in the Twilight saga, and she wasn’t the only one excited.
V is a super sweet little girl, now teenager, who happens to have a few challenges. She’s blind, non-verbal and can’t walk, but communicates in her own way, and loves to be a part of the action. She was excited when I mentioned the idea of a Twilight road trip, but honestly I wasn’t sure how she would handle all of the driving and changes of location. Turns out she really enjoyed it and was so happy when we would tell people about our adventure. I just finished a slide show with voice over that she can take to school on her iPad and share in class tomorrow, she will love sharing that.

We left the Seattle-area for our weekend Twilight road trip Friday afternoon, as soon as our girls got out of school. Our first stop was Bella’s house located in St. Helens, Oregon, about 2 hours 45 minutes from Seattle and 40 minutes from Portland.

As we turned the corner toward Bella’s house, we strained to look up the road, not knowing what to expect. We drove past the house and turned around at the end of the road, then snapped a few photos drive-by style, never getting out of our car. It looked just like it did in the movie, with the exception of a friendly note on the tree in front of the house, reminding us that it is a private residence, not to peek in windows…

Visiting a film location like this is a lot different than visiting a studio set; people actually live here, which kind of made us feel like the paparazzi. At first this made us all a little uneasy, but it didn’t take long for us to all get really in to it.

This first photo on this page was taken when we first came in to town, but after we had toured the rest of St. Helens and gotten comfortable with the whole stalking thing, it was actually my husband that suggested we go back and get a picture with us standing in front of the house (below).

Stalkers! Here we are in front of Bella’s house, the first stop on our Twilight road trip.
Side view of Bella’s house – isn’t it cute? Twilight movie location

Want to see Bella’s house for yourself? It’s located at:

184 South 6th Street
St. Helens, Oregon

I have since found out that it is requested that you park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to the house. There is a parking lot at the corner of 6th Street and Columbia Blvd.

Stop back tomorrow for my next Twilight Road Trip post. Read yesterday’s post about our Twilight Road Trip snacks.


  • Hello
    I’m planning a vacation in Seattle Oregon and forks in May 2018 n I plan to do the twilight locations I saw some of your post of bellas house n the CULLENS but curious about Jacobs place too also treaty lines etc ..are there anything in forks or am I wasting time there …thank you Lisa

    • Hi Lisa! I read that Jacob’s place was filmed in BC. I don’t know of any filming that was actually done in Forks. Have fun and let me know how your trip goes!

  • My fiance is making my dreams come true by taking me to forks and Oregon by driving from Arizona to Washington for our honeymoon and visiting the sites from twilight. Because it’s my favorite movie. I would love visit the real Collin house in Oregon. Can you please give me the address. I won’t bother the people that live there. I just want to see the outside And take pictures of me with the house in the background. Omg. Please help. Make my dream complete. Thanks

  • i just recently moved to Washington the Vancouver Portland area and i have already been to the falls and carver cafe but plan to do the whole tour , any tips?

    • Hi Beth, I just added a post with our itinerary – Twilight Movie Road Trip so you can see the path that we took. When visiting View Point Inn we met other people visiting Twilight sites. They mentioned the park when the Cullen’s played baseball and many of the woods scenes. Google that, it it supposed to be near the View Point Inn. Have fun!

  • Now that the twilight Series is finished, I plan to take a road trip with my cousins to all the locations! Thanks for putting this up including helpful information!!! Oh, and Go lions!

  • Love your blog! May I ask how did you locate all of these locations? And for someone who is a huge Twilight fan where would I start??? 😛


    Caprice Yandell
    Sacramento Ca

    • Thanks! I found most of these sites from Google, then contacted a couple of their chambers of commerce for more info – like St. Helen’s Oregon – they have a map of Twilight locations they can send you. If you visit the ViewPoint Inn, make sure you plan on a hike at Multnomah Falls. One of the scenes in Twilight was filmed there, and the clearing where the Cullen’s played baseball is supposed to be nearby also. Once I had tracked down destinations I started mapping our course on AAA’s road trip app, that worked pretty well. Have fun!

  • Oh I so would love to get out and visit the twilight movie house! And yep…I so would have gotten photos!
    Love the Twilight movie, and I love the twilight book. Especially love Bella in the movie…its such a romantic love twist 🙂
    The house looks gorgeous, in the movie it looks more like its an off-white colour, and the yard looks more muddy? In your photo it looks like so sweet.

    • It really was a cute house, very well maintained in real life. Nice yard, a little garden in back. Too bad we aren’t on the same continent, we could road trip together! 🙂

      • Thanks a lot for your post
        My dream is to visit these spots….
        But as of now i can only feed my dreams by seeing ur post..
        Thanks a lotttttt..

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