The Ultimate Ski Vacation Packing List

ski vacation packing list
We’re a family of snow lovers; the second the weather starts to turn cold, our thoughts turn to planning our ski vacations for the season.   The key to a fun day skiing is keeping the kids warm, and with variable on-mountain weather conditions, it’s all about layers.  And since packing for a ski vacation takes more clothing – and planning – than a beach vacation, a good list is essential.

Cool Ski Packing Tip

I print out a copy of this list for everyone in my family and have them each pack their own bag, which really saves me some time and teaches packing skills. I do a quick check through everyone’s bags to make sure that we’ve remembered everything – and add what’s been forgotten.

5 Must-Haves on my Ski Vacation Packing lIst

  1. Little Hotties Hand and Feet Warmers – we get the big box every year.  They keep little fingers and toes warm – and the kids love holding them in their mittens.
  2. I’m a huge fan of SmartWool socks, they really keep feet warm and aren’t itchy.  V has a pair of SmartWool tights that she wears under her base layer. Gotta keep those little legs warm!
  3. Lip protection like Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Balm or Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer with sunscreen because cold, dry air makes everyone’s lips chapped.
  4. Snacks I can stash in my pockets work for a quick pick me up – or bribery.   KIND Gluten-Free Healthy Grains Granola Bars or Individual Trail Mix Snack packets are some of our faves.
  5. Motrin for next-day aches, travel day headaches, fighting kids, and warding off altitude sickness (along with lots and lots of water).
bear paw gloves - ultimate ski vacation packing list
Bear Paw gloves
Everyone always asks where I got V’s Bear Paw gloves. Amazon, of course!

The Ultimate Ski Vacation Packing List

Here’s the check list, click here for a packing list download. Print out a copy for each family member and you’re one step closer to a great family ski vacation.

family ski vacation packing list
[click to download and print]

What can I say, pink is definitely her color.


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