Thule Chariot CX1 Special Needs Bike Trailer, Jogging Stroller and Ski Trailer

Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller and special needs bike trailer
Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller and special needs bike trailer

I was especially excited to test-drive the Thule Chariot CX1uber-versatile stroller that was provided for my review.  We’ve tried many jogging strollers and bike trailers over the years in efforts to bring my special needs daughter along for the ride; I was really interested in the idea of having one piece of equipment that could take V jogging, biking, cross-country skiing and hiking with the family.


When the Thule Chariot CX1 stroller arrived, I was immediately impressed by its quality. Heavy-duty fabric with reinforced stitching, a solid frame and well-fitting accessories is just the beginning. Definitely built to last!

Picking up the cross-country ski attachments at local second hand store, we headed out on a ski trip the next weekend.  We took the Thule Chariot CX1 cross-country skiing and it was everything I had hoped for.  My daughter was warm and enjoyed the ride, and we loved having her with us.  The stable design meant that even this newbie cross-country skier felt comfortable towing her.

Double-bonus – Accessibility in the ski village was not an issue; by using the wheel on the front and skis on the back we could take her places her wheelchair would have never allowed.

The Thule Chariot CX1 fits V very well.  She’s tiny for her age – only 45lbs and about 4 feet tall.  The Thule accommodates up to 75 pounds.  There’s plenty of room over her and around her – it’s designed with extra head room so your child can wear a helmet, another great safety feature!

Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller review

Since our ski vacation we’ve found more ways to use the Thule, taking it out jogging, for walks and short hikes.  In every case it’s performed really well – I can’t wait to take V on bike rides with the special needs bike trailer and longer hikes with the harness attachment this summer.  I can see that this jogging stroller-bike trailer-ski trailer will allow us to get out and do more as a family, and to me, that’s what it’s all about.

Overall thoughts about the Thule Chariot CX1

Durability – Quality construction means this will carry your child through a lot of adventures, with life left in it to pass on to another child.

Versatility – Jog, hike, cross-country ski, bike.  One solution covers a lot of activities. AND it’s easy to make the switch.  We went from a jogger to a cross-country skier in just a couple of minutes.

Safety – A 5-point harness keeps your child safely in place. Disk brakes allow for better control.  There’s even an integrated helmet space.  The stroller always felt stable.

Comfort – V was comfortable and cozy, with toys and a snack within easy reach.  There is a rain shield to keep the elements out when you want, and side vents for more air circulation.  They thought of everything.  V was happy, so we were able to do more.

At $1,049.95 for the jogger it is definitely an investment, but one that will allow you to get out and do more with your special needs kid.  The ski/hiking and special needs bike trailer conversion kits are extra.  I found the ski/hiking conversion kit on Craig’s List, so do some checking there for the best deals.  If your child is non-ambulatory you might be able to get funding through your medical / equipment plan.  Compared to equipment specifically designed for special needs kids it’s cheap, and provides an opportunity for your child to engage in activities that would not be possible with their traditional wheelchair.  You’ll have to make your case, it’s worth the conversation.

Thule Chariot CX1 jogging stroller review
The seat with 5-point harness.
thule chariot cx1 jogging stroller suspension
Suspension adjustment for the most comfy ride.
putting together the Thule Chariot CX1 ski stroller
Adding the cross-country ski outfit just took a few minutes, everything is designed to easily attach and detach, locking on tight when attached.

Disclaimer : The Thule Chariot CX1 was provided for purposes of this review, the views and experiences are completely my own.  The links go to my Amazon store.  I know how expensive medical equipment is for our kids and would not recommend a product unless it was truly impressive.


  • Thanks for this great article. Any thoughts on a bike trailer for a Bug that is approaching 175 plus 25 in vent, O2, suction, etc?

  • I was so excited when I came across this post about a multi use special needs stroller. I am constantly looking for something for my daughter that will allow us to keep her included in our family activities. Sadly, I read that it only supports up to 75#’s. She’s 11 now and weighs 75#’s. If anyone knows of something for the older age child I would sincerely appreciate the information. I will continue my search. Thank you for the great information on this blog!

    • I got an adult joging stroller for my son. He loves it but sadly it did not come with skies. I am going to resurch to see if they make them for it. I think I just googled adult size jigging stroller.

  • I’ve read your review several times and read as much as I could find about this jogger. My main concern is just how much room is in there! My daughter is 48 lbs and about 4’2– do you think she would fit comfortably in it now and maybe for a couple years to come?

    • Sorry Jin, I hate to say it, but I think it’s going to be too small for your kiddo. Your child is about the same size as mine and she’s pretty much grown out of it, we’re looking for new solutions. It does have a lot of head room (the back is 24″ tall), it’s wide, so we’ve never run out of room there, and and my daughter sits with her knees up, so the leg room hasn’t been an issue until this year. What area do you live in? Trying to think about where you can see them in person.

  • Dear Blogger,
    we just arrived in SFO from Munich, Germany and want to make the most of our stay by buying an all terrain jogger / stroller for our 6 yr old special son (can’t move, immobile). I have come across all sorts of strollers but never the chariot one, I believe they are actually from Germany. What made you choose this one, where did you get that? Why would it be better than the others? Please apologise my questions but it is such a large investment. Enno, our son has very poor head control and tonus. Thank you Kathrin

    • Hi Kathrin! I love our Thule, it’s really well-made and comfortable for my daughter. We first used a Thule on a trip to Park City several years ago. I tried another brand on a trip after that and it wasn’t even close to the Thule in terms of comfort and quality. I especially like how flexible the Thule is; we take it jogging, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing. My daughter has no mobility, and low tone as well – the interior is quite supportive for her. I got mine from Thule and the ski kit from a second hand store ad on, but I know they are available through REI and it would be important for you to see how your son fits in it and if he has room to grow. How big is he? My daughter is small for her age and it has fit her for 3 years. The durability of construction and flexibility of use really make it a good investment for kiddos with no mobility – especially if your child can use it for a while. I’m happy to take pictures for you or answer any more questions you might have. email me at [email protected] if you want to talk more!

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