National Ability Center – Park City, Utah

Outdoor riding arena - National Ability Center

Outdoor riding arena - National Ability Center

Last week I had an opportunity to tour the National Ability Center (NAC) located in Park City, Utah.  What an impressive organization!  They are all about helping people of all ages and abilities develop lifetime skills by providing affordable outdoor sports and recreational experiences in an environment that understands disabilities.  To participate, you just need to be a member (individual membership fee is $20, $50 for a family) and sign up for adaptive classes, programs or camps that range from nordic and alpine skiing, sled hockey, equestrian, aquatics, archery, cycling, rock climbing and a lot more (see their web site for specific fees, they are a non-profit so fees are at cost, and they offer financial aid).   Their programs include recreational, therapeutic, and competitive tracks.  Families and athletes can stay at the ranch.   So much going on there, I still don’t have my arms around everything they do.  I am on a quest to find out more!


NAC ski sleds at Park City Mountain Resort

NAC ski sleds at Park City Mountain Resort

I stopped by their apline ski program located at Park City Mountain Resort, I wasn’t sure what to expect, my kid is pretty challenging; blind, non-verbal, non-ambulatory, combination high tone and low tone, severe scoliosis.  Veronica will have her chance to visit in January, so we’ll find out how things really work for her then, but when I asked these questions the NAC representatives seemed unphased.  I can’t wait for Veronica to “snowboard” with us!


Indoor arena for NAC Equestrian Program

Indoor arena for NAC Equestrian Program

The NAC has an Equestrian Program featuring Therapeutic riding, Hippotherapy, and Equine Facilitated Learning.  There are private, group and drop in lessons geared to the needs of the participant.  I plan to enroll Veronica in a private lesson so that I can write from a personal perspective on that next month.


More later!

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2 Responses to National Ability Center – Park City, Utah

  1. That’s so encouraging to see that they have full-fledged adaptive classes. I just found out from a friend of ours that there are other mountains closer to us (East Coast) that also offer classes. I was so happy to hear that – I’ve put off going back to the slopes for 2 years now b/c it was such a challenge the first time we took our 3 year old 2 years ago. It’ll be nice to add it back into our lives. Looking forward to hearing more about it when you all visit in January.

    • Karin says:

      Thanks Tawanna, I also want to try staying there this winter, I think they offer such incredible opportunities for families to get out and get active together. I saw your family went gluten free over the holidays – how’s that working for you?

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